In last decades, technology has changed the way we interact with each others. From a letter to a tweet.

In the last years, automation systems have started changing the way we interact with computers. Nowadays, makers everywhere in the world, thanks to the cheap (and sometimes even open source) boards available, can build their own automation solutions to automatically switch off the lights at home, irrigate their gardens or whatever: anyone can code its own projects with just some high school programming skills. In other words: people have now the opportunity to solve their problems by themselves. is a marketplace for automated solutions that opens the doors of a new global market to the makers. Here they can share their projects with people all over the world or even sell them. is the place where normal people without technical skills can find automated solutions to their problems, build the systems by following simple instructions provided by the makers and download the needed software with just a click. is free to join: everyone can be part of the community and download free or paid automation projects. The marketplace will ask developers a part of their incomes from the paid sketches to keep the website working.

MISSION (you-make-it) wants to give people the power to build automation on their own. Our business is concerned with the promotion and development of a global marketplace where makers can share their inventions and deliver easy, smart and low-cost automated solutions to every one.


What is (you-make-it) is a global marketplace made for everyone, intended to help the makers in delivering their inventions to the public: we love to call it a makersplace.

What can be sold on

As a makersplace, this virtual market is built as a container for free and paid automated solutions: we call every kind of automation project a maker can invent a umade.
Users will be able to download umades by creating an account.

What can I find in a umade?

Specifically, a umade is a virtual package including step-by-step instructions to build the automated solution needed by the user.
It also contains the software needed to bring the whole thing to life, and a detailed shopping list of all the hardware you need.

Is free?

Of course: makers and users may subscribe with absolutely no cost; also uploading and downloading umades is free, unless you choose to buy a paid one.
In order to be financially sustainable, this makersplace will ask the owners of paid umades a fair percentage of their incomes.

How can help makers?

In this marketplace makers from all over the world may upload their umades, using a convenient interface where they can find useful tools to keep control of the download statistics, manage bugfix requests and deliver version upgrades in a simple and clean way. can also be useful to open their business to an international market in a very simple way.

How can help end users?

People not trained in automation can find smart solutions to their everyday needs: with a bit of do-it-yourself anyone can build countless projects, even challenging ones.
Just as an example, you could easily find a complete surveillance system and build it by yourself, saving money while still having a perfect view of your beloved manor.

Why is different?

Finding the perfect automated solution has never been so easy.
People can now stop searching files and building schemes among tons of forum boards and mailing lists: inside this makersplace they just need to search for the umade that fits best.
On the other side, makers now have a convenient place to publish their work in a more professional way, delivering a better user experience and also monetizing their hard work.

When will be available?

We are pushing ourselves to finish the development and testing of the website, but we need your help!
We will invite some of you to join the beta testing period, starting by September 2014.
Then, the website will be open to everyone in the first week of October 2014.

Who is behind

Makers, of course. Our core team is composed by six people with different skills, from computer engineering to economics.
In other words, we are people that want to change the world!










Team was born in the mind of 5 Engineers and 1 Economist. All Italians born in 1988 and now spread around the world. One day they met and everybody said: I want to build a simpler world using automation.


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